How Does a FREE Round of Golf Sound?

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Whether chatting with friends in the clubhouse, hearing the sound of a tee off or focusing on the green, hearing plays a critical role in the enjoyment of the golfing experience.

How Hearing Technology Helps

The many sophisticated features of our hearing aid technology helps to make hearing an effortless part of your golf outings while providing the following benefits:

  • Pick up the sound of your drives
  • Reduced wind noise impact
  • Hear better in clubhouse conversations

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Legal disclaimer: The video is a testimonial and does not guarantee that your individualized experience or results will be the same. The free hearing test is intended to give you an opportunity to determine if you have hearing loss and guide you on what next steps to take. The free hearing test should not take the place of your hearing care professional. Please consult with your doctor before attending our free hearing test. The round of free golf offer is not valid in states where prohibited.

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